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Inspire Fine Art Center looks to 2020

Posted by execdirect
Left to right: Lisa Cortez Walden, Inspire CEO, and Board members Dan McBain and Alicia Marie Perez.

Staff and board of Inspire Fine Art Center along with SVPSA Partners met on October 26th to discuss strategy and plans for 2020 as a part of the engagement process. Inspire provides many types of art programs in collaboration with other nonprofits for at risk communities and for the general public. The leadership is meeting regularly to work toward putting together a strategy for growing capacity for the next year.

In support of Inspire Community Fine Art Center, SVPSA has committed to funding and providing expertise to assist in the successful growth of Inspire. The process was led by SVPSA Partner Jennifer Moriarty. The Lead Partners for Inspire are Kevin Moriarty and Jordan Abshire. During the meeting, they discussed and updated their mission statement, shaped new commitment statements and developed their priorities and outlined the keys for success and accomplishing their mission.

The organization is unique in that it specializes in art classes and programs for individuals who have experienced trama, for those with diverse abilities and marginalized populations. They also have a lot of fun classes for the general public to enjoy.