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February SVPSA Fellowship: Leading Fundraising

Posted by execdirect

The SVPSA Fellowship for February featured Partner Gwen Notestine who led the nonprofit leaders through a day of exercises on fundraising. We also were honored to host Laura Vaccaro, Vice President for Community Relations for Valero Energy. Thank you again to DOCUmation for hosting and being a sponsor for the Fellowship.

The day began with exercises on identifying what barriers and fears come with fundraising. She also discussed her process for preparing for fund raising meetings and what kind of effort and research is required.

One of the highlights of the day was hosting Laura Vacarro, Vice President for Community Relations for Valero Energy. In a Q&A format led by Jennifer Moriarty, they addressed how a nonprofit should approach a donor with a grant request. We heard from Laura about how she evaluates nonprofit requests. She reminded the Fellows that Valero has four primary focus areas that they should approach them with.

The second part of the day, we returned to hearing from Gwen and discussed the characteristics of ‘wins’ and how nonprofit leaders can be successful in large gift requests.