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Becky Bridges Dinnin, Executive Director SVP San Antonio

Fast Facts

What We Do: Social Venture Partners San Antonio (SVPSA) is a network of philanthropists who are investing in nonprofits in the San Antonio area with funding, and by providing mentoring, coaching, and hands on volunteers utilizing our skills to help those who would like to have some of the brightest minds involved in making our community a better place. Utilizing grants to nonprofits, we match up needs of an organization with the talents and skills of our partners. This provides a venture capital model to building capacity and reach for nonprofit organizations in exciting ways.

The San Antonio affiliate was founded by John Eadie and Justin Pawl, who saw SVP as a model that could provide nonprofits with much needed funding and intellectual support.

Brief History of SVP International:

The first SVP was established in Seattle in 1997.  Paul Brainerd had just sold his software company, Aldus Corporation to Adobe.  PageMaker, the desktop publishing program his company created, had revolutionized printing and publishing. Drawing on a life-long passion for the environment, Paul invited colleagues, friends and community members to discuss his new idea – this one borne of the desire to get thousands more people highly engaged in philanthropy.  These people would not just write checks.  They would work shoulder-to-shoulder with nonprofits –  using their professional skills to tackle Seattle’s most pressing problems.   More than a hundred people showed up for that first meeting.  Soon after the SVP model and the engaged philanthropy movement was set in motion.

By 2001, 18 SVPs had sprung up. Until that point, SVP in Seattle and ‘Executive Connector’  Paul Shoemaker had been acting as the informal network organizer and provider of information services and best practices.  It became clear that it was time to formalize the network.  The SVP Network Office was established as the invisible backbone, the network association, that links the member organizations and their partners, allowing them to convene and learn from one another, while fostering new SVPs throughout the world.

By the Numbers 

(SVP global)

3400+ Partners

40 cities in the US, Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea and United Kingdom

900+ nonprofits funded

$70+ million (USD) to nonprofits

+tens of thousands of volunteer hours given to nonprofits