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Partner Highlight: Arlene Siller

Arlene Siller is recognized by her achievements in the scientific and biomedical research field as well as in the grant writing industry, with over 25 years of experience. She has multiple degrees – biology, psychology, and chemistry, and worked as a grant writer for the military, then for LIFT Fund, raising 34 million for them in her four years. Then in 2019, she founded her own company, Ascend Nonprofit and Business Solutions, which is now one of the most highly sought-after grant writing firms in the field.

Author Paul Shoemaker: Leading Change

SVPSA welcomed author Paul Shoemaker to discuss his new book, Taking Charge of Change. He shares his perspectives on initiating change and what success looks like in a nonprofit organization as we continue in this new decade amidst the pandemic.

Technology Strategy

For decades, Ed Pope has provided end-to-end technology solutions for business of all sizes. His company, DigitalGenetix, based in San Antonio, also works with nonprofits. He sees that their greatest need is provide strategy, good people and IT training so that organizations can use technology that fulfills their mission. He notes that this includes practices, documentation and policies that help when you have staff turnover.