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Join us to help nonprofits make a bigger impact in our community!

Become an SVPSA Partner

Individual Partnerships

All Partners receive exclusive invitations to participate in the grant selection process, partner-only programs and communications, introductions to other community leaders, Partner events and our unique volunteer opportunities with nonprofits.  All Partners are not required to volunteer; you choose what is best for you.

Investment through SVPSA is something we know is a sacrificial gift for you and your family. Our donor levels are

$1,000 for an Individual

$2,000 for a Couple, or two people in the same household.


Corporate Partnerships

We invite every business to be a part of SVPSA’s unique giving model for their corporate philanthropy strategy. For an investment of $5,000 a company sponsors 1-2 individuals they select to be a part of the SVPSA network of consultants and community leaders. We design leadership programs with you to build and strengthen San Antonio’s nonprofit organizations. Corporate sponsors also are invited to sponsor exclusive SVPSA events, and programs for nonprofits.

$5,000 Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners:

  1. immediately plug into SVPSA’s highly visible network of philanthropists
  2. leverage financial gifts with others at charities YOU choose
  3. receive impact reports on how your gifts are making a real difference in San Antonio
  4. emphasize your charitable giving to build capacity in innovative nonprofits that often get overlooked
  5. be able to train your corporate rising stars through SVPSA programs to be educated donors, and improve community impact

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SVPSA Programs


SVPSA events are designed to be great networking opportunities, and a way to learn about being more impactful philanthropists.

$1000 = Sponsors an SVPSA networking event that is co-branded by your organization

Sponsor the SVPSA Fellowship:

In September 2019, SVPSA launched a leadership cohort for innovative nonprofit leaders. We are currently working with 13 executives from nonprofits to build skills, and provide immediate tools for their use. Each of the 6 days of workshops were designed by the Fellows to address needs they expressed.

$500 = Sponsors a lunch at an SVPSA Fellowship workday
$1000 = Provides materials for an SVPSA Fellow
$5,000 = Sponsors a day of training for the SVPSA Fellowship

Corporate Event Sponsorships options

  1. Host us at your office or a restaurant and bring community leaders to your doorstep
  2. Provide direct support to one of the SVPSA Investees (any level of support goes 100% to the investee)

If you prefer, contributions can be mailed to:

Social Venture Partners San Antonio
20770 Hwy 281N, Suite 108-422
San Antonio, TX 78258

All donations to Social Venture Partners San Antonio (SVPSA), a 501(c) 3 organization, may be tax deductible. You will receive a Tax Receipt by return mail/email. If you have any questions, please contact us at Info@SVPSA.org.

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It was 1994, and Paul Brainerd was out of a job. He had just sold his software company, Aldus Corporation, to Adobe. PageMaker, the desktop publishing program his company created, had revolutionized printing and publishing—and left him an unexpected millionaire. Read More »

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