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Catchafire Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will we know who is working on projects and what the value is for our investment?

  1. Catchafire builds reports into the system that measures how many projects have been posted, how many are matched with volunteers, how many have completed and the value of completed projects. We can divide that by funder if requested. We can also see how many volunteers are engaged with our nonprofits. SVPSA will provide this report to all of our funders and partners monthly.


Q: How is the sponsorship money used?

  1. The sponsorship is $1200 per nonprofit. Catchafire receives $1,000 for the use of the online tool, the administrative set up costs, their ongoing communications, training and technology infrastructure and upkeep. They also provide online help and consulting for nonprofits in many areas so they are using it effectively. The additional $200 is for SVPSA to provide local marketing to volunteers and to promote use by the nonprofits. SVPSA will manage and convene funder meetings, send out regular reports and track some of our own unique success measurements. SVPSA will also be the liaison with Catchafire to keep information updated, to develop any unique reports for the funders.


Q: What if a nonprofit isn’t using the tool

  1. The funders sponsored nonprofits that committed to using Catchafire for at least one project between now and October 2021. If a sponsored nonprofit closes or merges during the year, Catchafire will release a spot to add a new nonprofit to the list and that nonprofit will fulfill the remaining portion of their one year subscription. At the end of the year, if they still have not used the tool, we can replace them with another nonprofit upon renewal.


  1. What funders are participating this first year?
  2. The San Antonio funders include: Social Venture Partners San Antonio, DOCUmation, the San Antonio Area Foundation, H.E. Butt Foundation, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, and LISC San Antonio.


  1. What if the nonprofit gets a volunteer that doesn’t really help, or that uses the tool to solicit paid business?
  2. Volunteers are evaluated by the nonprofit for their expertise and can be taken off the system if they receive poor reviews. Also, volunteers must agree not to solicit business or payment from nonprofits that they match with. Catchafire takes this very seriously and surveys nonprofits regularly to ensure they are not being asked to pay for additional business. If a volunteer is reported they are immediately banned from using the system.


  1. What types of projects can a nonprofit post on the system?
  2. The system allows nonprofits to post template projects in these categories: Advocacy, Business strategy, Data and analytics, Design and Media, Finance, HR, Program management, Marketing, Technology, and Covid 19 Essentials. Currently there are about 180 templates the nonprofits can use outlining types of projects in these areas. The system adds and adjusts project types and templates as they see are needed based on use and feedback from the nonprofits and volunteers.


  1. How secure is the information on the Catchafire site?
  2. Financials and personnel information is not shared on the platform. Catchafire does not sell or share emails of volunteers or nonprofits with any vendor. The volunteer information shared on the database is what is available on a LinkedIn profile. Nonprofits do not share financial or personnel information in the system, they only input project related information such as mission, history and the problem they are trying to solve. This means there is rarely any information on the site that is not already available either on their website or a LinkedIn profile. When the project begins, the nonprofit and volunteer privately share information they decide upon that is needed on the project. Catchafire does not monitor, capture or store that information.


  1. How much can the nonprofit use the system?
  2. The nonprofit can use Catchafire for as many projects as they want. They go through training with Catchafire to teach them how to manage the projects. In the first year of use, the Catchafire average use is 2 project for each nonprofits. However, they do not require nonprofits to use the system. The San Antonio nonprofits are expected to have a higher average because we are asking them to commit to using it at least once.


  1. How do I get information to volunteer?
  2. Volunteers can sign up with Catchafire at www.Catchafire.org any time. The easiest way to provide a profile is to link it to your LinkedIn profile, but a LinkedIn profile is not required. Based on the areas of skills the volunteer inputs, they will receive monthly emails with suggestions on nonprofit projects to apply for. The volunteer can go onto the site any time 24/7 to see what projects are available. The San Antonio nonprofits will have a unique URL when it launches if the volunteer wants to see San Antonio nonprofit projects.


  1. How do I recommend or sponsor a nonprofit to SVPSA to use Catchafire?
  2. The list for the first release is finalized, however we will be building another launch in 2021. SVPSA Partners can recommend a nonprofit to SVPSA by emailing info@svpsa.org. Funders can contact SVPSA the same way about adding nonprofits in the second phase. We are in discussion for a second wave of nonprofit additions for spring 2021 when we hope to be able to phase in 50+ more.