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Our Challenge

Non-profits had to change their business model due to the pandemic. They eliminated programs, laid off staff and can no longer hold event fundraisers to pay their bills. At the same time, funders are tapped out helping with crisis needs across the city and are seeking low-cost and measurable solutions for helping non-profits who are on the front line fighting for our community.

The pandemic created a huge need for help with HR, technology, data and analysis, marketing and fundraising and so on. In the past, non-profits have had to write grants and pay market rates for many of these tasks. SVPSA put together a collaborative of funders to sponsor a program that matches professionally skilled volunteers to non-profits. The skills-based volunteers provide consulting and advice in essential areas so leaders and staff can focus on crisis needs.

Non-profits Receive:

  • Quality pro-bono help
  • As many projects as they want
  • Can choose who they work with
  • 4-5 Day turnaround to get started
  • Simple project management templates

Funding Partners

  • Save on the cost of funding capacity-building
  • Select the non-profits you sponsor
  • Employees have a meaningful way to make a difference
  • Receive regular reporting on the value of volunteer work

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catchafire impact over 10 years

data charts updated as of June 2020