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April Spotlight: Jennifer Moriarty

Posted by nathansanews

Jennifer Moriarty is our SVPSA Partner Spotlight and our “Shout Out” for April. Not only is Jennifer the current Chairman of the Board for SVPSA, she has been selected by the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce to receive the “Brenda V. Johnson Award for Small Business Leader of the Year” !!! Congratulations Jennifer!  She will be […] Read More »

What SVP SA means to me

Posted by Chelsea Clinton

Most of us have among our core values the desire to help and have a positive impact on our family, friends, community and world. We achieve this with day to day endeavors such as listening to a friend, helping a neighbor or donating some money to a favorite organization. However, often we crave to have a […] Read More »

Sheryl Sculley Speaks to SVP SA

Posted by Billy Cox

On Monday November 6, we had the pleasure of hosting San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley. Sheryl spoke of the unique strengths of San Antonio based on broad involvement of the city with numerous philanthropic groups. Unusual for a city our size, 21% of our general spending goes towards human services – and in a strong […] Read More »

Youth Code Jam Fall Jam

Posted by Billy Cox

Youth Code Jam, Social Venture Partners SA’s 2017 investee, held their Family Jam this past Saturday Sept. 15 at the Region 20 convention center. The event was a huge success with ton’s of young folks learning everything from Scratch, to Finch, to Android, to C and Python programming. I had the pleasure of helping in […] Read More »

Youth Code Jam community wide event

Posted by Billy Cox
Youth Code Jam

UPDATE: The 2017 Fall Youth Code Jam community event was a huge SUCCESS! Read more about this event in our post-coverage writeup. This coming Saturday, September 16, 2017, SVP SA investee Youth Code Jam is holding a community wide event. The event is 1-4pm at the Region 20 offices, 1314 Hines, San Antonio. These Code Jam […] Read More »

FAQ for Nonprofits Responding to Call for LOI

Posted by Billy Cox

Q: How much partner time would be available? A: The number of hours we expect to provide are varied based on the needs of the nonprofit and the willingness of partners to volunteer. We do expect the number of hours to be sufficient to be impactful. Q: Are we open to multi-agency collaboration grants? If a […] Read More »

SVP SA in the news

Posted by Billy Cox

The Rivard Report just published an article on SVP SA: “Entrepreneurial Group Releases First Grant Opportunity” highlighting the unique approach that SVP brings to philanthropy: involvement as well as funding. Shari Biediger wrote a very insightful article capturing the essence of SVP and how we interact with the community. “It’s not about just writing a check,” […] Read More »