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Nonprofits Report Funding Decreases but an Increase in Needs

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Nonprofits in San Antonio report an increase in need for services but also a drop in funding, loss of earned revenue and technology gaps to provide help in a nonprofit survey just released by Social Venture Partners San Antonio (SVPSA), The Nonprofit Council and United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. How to fill this growing gap is the primary concern for nonprofit leaders who are quickly having to adapt to the community needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financially they are taking a huge hit, with 79% of nonprofits reporting that they had to cancel or postpone fund raising events, 71% reported that individual donations were down, 63% have a loss in earned revenue that they receive for paid services, and 43% are seeing a reduction in grants. Seventy-one percent of nonprofits reported having six months or less of current operations capacity available.

The survey was designed to help funders and nonprofits see where critical needs exist so we can strategically provide help to community workers who are now facing increasing needs of the most vulnerable populations, and those who have few options for help.

View the charts here.

Download an Executive Summary here.

“The Nonprofit Council continues to monitor email conversations among many of our nonprofit leaders who continue to be stressed with the challenges of how to navigate and apply for the various CARES Act loan programs, quickly update HR work-at-home policies and where childcare services are available for their essential workers during the crisis,” said Scott McAninch, CEO of The Nonprofit Council. “We also pivoted our annual giving day, the Big Give to a relief site TheBigGiveSA.org where individuals can directly donate to over 580 local nonprofits who have been impacted with declining funding to support their services to the local community.”

“Many of San Antonio’s nonprofits are working hard under difficult conditions to deliver services to those who are living with the unintended consequences of the coronavirus,” said Chris Martin, president and CEO of United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. “Our community has responded with empathy, strength and resolve in their support of the COVID-19 Community Response Fund. It’s a way for residents to provide critical relief to our local nonprofits, many of whom are struggling with declining revenue, donations and grants as they continue to tirelessly help others during these trying times.”

“We created the survey to help us see where we can have the most impact with our support. At SVPSA we have also matched some nonprofits with our partners who need help with technology, with reviewing grant requests and for help get financials ready for loans and disaster grants,” Becky Dinnin, SVPSA Executive Director said. “Disaster grants are different from your typical program grant request, and nonprofits are innovating and quickly retooling so they can adjust to this new reality.”

Dinnin also stressed that nonprofit, just like all business leaders, are overwhelmed with concern for staff and their families. So, focusing on getting them tools for working from home and the PPP loan is something that can help with managing the stress of the crisis and how it has impacted every home.

The report released includes an executive summary and charts of the answers received.




The Nonprofit Council is comprised of professionals, business leaders and Executive Directors/CEOs of nonprofit organizations in San Antonio, Bexar and surrounding counties who have a mission to support, connect and strengthen the leadership of nonprofits. The Council strives to accomplish this mission through advocacy, training, resource sharing, networking and the strength and extensive knowledge of the organization’s combined membership. For more information, visit www.tncouncil.org.

About United Way
United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County focuses on preparing children for school and life, helping students graduate and succeed, strengthening the well-being of individuals and families, and providing safety net services (food, clothing, shelter, and emergency care.) United Way also operates the 2-1-1 Help Line and fosters volunteerism through the Volunteer Center at United Way.

SVPSA is part of a worldwide network of nonprofit funding organizations where individuals and corporations give financial gifts as well as offering professional volunteer help to build capacity in nonprofit organizations. This model of giving accelerates how funding is utilized and helps to expand the work of nonprofits that receive this investment.

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