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SVPSA to fund youth entrepreneurship and art programs

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(San Antonio, TX) Social Venture Partners San Antonio announced today it will invest in consulting and funding to three nonprofits in San Antonio for the 2019 grant cycle. SVPSA will provide $17,500 to Inspire Fine Arts Center, $25,000 to the Hispanic Leadership Development Foundation’s R.I.S.E. (Raising and Inspiring Successful Entrepreneurs) program, and $2,500 to Youth Code Jam.

SVPSA is a philanthropy organization that gives funding and provides expertise to nonprofits. Founded in 2016, it follows a giving model of donors pooling gifts and investing in nonprofits. Distinguishing SVP from other giving circles is that many of the donors get involved with the charities by giving their time as consultants and mentors.

“SVPSA donors like innovative programs that can grow rapidly with the combination of funding and expert advice. They like to see where their money is going, and help out when needed,” Becky Bridges Dinnin, Executive Director said. “Our typical partner really enjoys being a witness to growth and building strength in organizations. We have seen that when we put together our experience and funding, it really makes a difference to those we engage.”

“SVPSA invests in nonprofits like a venture capital firm for a new startup,” said Jennifer Moriarty, Board Chair. “Our involvement gives the nonprofit capital and brain power, skills and influence in the community that boosts success beyond the traditional grant.”

The organization is affiliated with a worldwide network of SVP 40 affiliates in eight countries that follow this unique philanthropy model. In San Antonio, the donors’ gifts are focused on capacity building, innovation, and programs that uniquely provide solutions for at-risk children and youth. Information about the partners and donating is online at www.svpsa.org.

Personal or family donations to SVPSA start at $1,000 annually, corporate partners start at $5,000. The organization also sponsors events around key community issues quarterly and many socials.

Youth Code Jam was the first organization SVPSA funded in 2017 and their success has grown beyond all of their goals, Dinnin said. “Our partners worked with YCJ to fine tune their mission and vision, helped with operational challenges, funded the creation of a measurement tool and our investment equipped them to go and secure more funding and dramatically increasing their reach,” she said.

2019 Investees for SVPSA

Inspire Fine Arts Center is an out-of-school arts education center that provides art classes, camps and events. They also provide art therapy programs for other nonprofits around the South Texas region.

R.I.S.E. is an entrepreneurship education program started in 2018 by the HLDF and has created a workbook for elementary aged students and their parents to learn entrepreneurship skills. The workbook, also available in Spanish has distributed more than 1800 since September last year to nonprofits and students. The HLDF is the fund-raising arm of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Youth Code Jam is a STEM education program that provides classes, camps and day long events for students to introduce them to coding and computer science skills. YCJ also provides educator training on how to teach coding for children K-12.

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