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What SVP SA means to me

Posted by Chelsea Clinton

Most of us have among our core values the desire to help and have a positive impact on our family, friends, community and world. We achieve this with day to day endeavors such as listening to a friend, helping a neighbor or donating some money to a favorite organization. However, often we crave to have a bigger impact.  We feel limited by our many obligations and time.  What if we could more easily maximize the impact that we are able to have on our community?  What if we could more easily tackle problems that plaque San Antonio and its surrounding communities?

Social Venture Partners allows us to join our talents and resources, and amplify the effectiveness of existing non-profit organizations. SVP partners include members of corporations, members of nonprofit organizations, parents, volunteers and community leaders. SVP partners get together and determine an issue or issues affecting our community that we feel passionate about.  Local organizations that address these issues apply for our assistance.  We evaluate our options and select the organization or organizations we feel are the best fit for our help.

We dig deep into the non-profit organizations we work with and use our financial and intellectual resources to make the non-profit organization more effective and efficient with its work.  We work to connect people, supply knowledge and tools, and invest in collaborative solutions to empower these non-profit organizations to increase the scale of their work and help more people.

Working with Social Venture Partners means developing relationships with like-minded people, and having an impact in your community that is bigger than you can have on your own.  Social Venture Partners is a local and global organization and is considered the largest network of engaged donors in the world.  That means that through Social Venture Partners we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and support available to us to help us achieve our goals.

For 2017 the San Antonio SVP chapter chose to focus on “At Risk Youth.”  We have a committee on which any partner can serve that evaluated all applicants and chose several organizations it felt would be the best fit for SVP’s help.  The final decision is made by all partners.  San Antonio SVP ultimately chose to work with a local nonprofit organization called Youth Code Jam.

Chelsea Clinton

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