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FAQ for Nonprofits Responding to Call for LOI

Posted by Billy Cox

Q: How much partner time would be available?
A: The number of hours we expect to provide are varied based on the needs of the nonprofit and the willingness of partners to volunteer. We do expect the number of hours to be sufficient to be impactful.

Q: Are we open to multi-agency collaboration grants? If a network, across agencies?
A: In general, yes. However, we want to ensure that our time and money is impactful meaning that we need it to be focused where it will make a difference. Scattering our efforts across a number of agencies might dilute our efforts and reduce their impact.

Q: What does a demonstrated track record mean? Funding level or years operating?
A: The definition depends on the type of work. In general, we are interested in nonprofits that have results from work already accomplished. At this time, we are less interested in funding a brand new nonprofit.

Q: One grant awarded per year? Finish one before the next?
A: We will be doing 1 grant this year. Next year we may choose to add another nonprofit or we may remain with the one nonprofit chosen this year.

Q: How do you define “at risk?”
A: We need your definition. In general, we are looking at children and youth whose lives will be challenged in terms of ultimate potential without intervention.

Q: Minimum or maximum age?
A: No. We would like your feedback.

Q: You are looking for “game changing.” Do you want quality over quantity?
A: Scale matters in the ultimate solution. It may mean we need to start small to learn and then attain scale.