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Posted by Billy Cox

Our October 5th meeting was an excellent education on what a “Collective Impact Group” is and how we, as SVP SA, should consider partnering with such a group. If you haven’t read the Stanford article, here, I would strongly recommend it as required reading.

Bob Dugas introduced the topic with a summary of the places where Collective Impact Groups are used not only at the Area Foundation but also in other organizations such as Mission Capital in Austin.

Judy McCormick of P16Plus then introduced the role of her organization. P16Plus is a ‘backing’ organization, i.e., one that provides support to a Collective Impact Group. P16Plus is notable because of the high level of Strive certification they have recently achieved.

Joel Harris of City Education Partners then spoke to the role his organization is having in San Antonio. They are leading an effort to create a pipeline of talented and motivated teachers and leaders for the public school system by using public charter schools as the innovation space.

The audio from the meeting can be found here.

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