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Why SVPSA is Important

Posted by Justin Pawl

I have always had it in my heart to help people that have not been given the same opportunities as me.  While my community involvement in my younger days was limited to food drives and the occasional volunteer work, the older I get the stronger is the pull to make a difference in the world.

Not too long after I moved to San Antonio, I began looking for a non-profit board that I could join.  I wanted to get more involved in the community and meet new people, but I also wanted to help an organization achieve their mission, bring value to the community and help solve some of the more acute problems in San Antonio.

Now that my family and I have been in San Antonio for almost 4 years, I better understand how pervasive the social issues are in San Antonio.

My hope is that by launching an SVP affiliate in San Antonio we can offer a platform for like-minded people to make significant and lasting improvements in the community.  I’m attracted to the SVP model because it proactively seeks to make non-profit organizations more impactful by applying both financial and intellectual capital to the problem.  This is a powerful combination that can increase the effectiveness of non-profit organizations by a multiple of what financial donations or volunteering can do in isolation.  In this regard, I believe that the SVP model will help me achieve my goal of giving back and, through the combined efforts of others, make a meaningful difference in society.

Justin Pawl, Chief Investment Officer, Covenant

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