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Social Venture Partners (SVP) is an international venture philanthropy organization; we bring together worlds that typically do not overlap: grant making, volunteerism, nonprofit capacity building, and philanthropic education. We are a rapidly growing network of engaged philanthropists and we believe that we must do our best to have a positive impact on our communities. We focus on social issues in our local communities and work together to bring innovative strategies to help address social issues.

SVP in India has chosen to focus on Livelihood. We believe that poverty alleviation through job creation is central to the principle of human dignity and a fundamental right for every individual. The cascading impact of job creation for an individual and his/her family creates affordability of the basics from food and shelter to education and medicine. SVP India’s stance for Livelihood is directed at supporting programs that provide training, funding, and job creation for that section of society that consider this basic human right as “hope for a life”. We applaud all organizations who work for this goal and we would like to join hands to support you in achieving the vision you have set for yourselves.


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