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Guff Van Vooren

Guff has been an SVP Minnesota partner since 2010.  She is grateful and honored to serve SVP and the Twin Cities community as a member of the board of directors and programs committee, SVP network liaison (projects, forums, session presenter), equity team lead, and as a team member of various Investee capacity building projects.  Her past SVP MN roles include values discovery team lead, lead partner coach, investee co-lead partner, encore fellows team lead, and member of both the investment committee and various due diligence teams. She is jazzed to join SVPI’s board team in January of 2019.

Guff’s diverse career spans the social purpose sector, hospitality and guest services, and public accounting fields. Since 2000, she has led and co-founded social purpose organizations dedicated to community engagement, leadership development, public land stewardship, and environmental education. She has served on three additional community boards.