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SVP International

Emily Reitman, Director of Global Innovation and Expansion

Emily leads SVPI’s network-theory based approach to innovation and learning between affiliates and the philanthropic, business, and social sectors. This includes catalyzing partnerships and expansion of the SVP network, especially as it relates to bringing in new connections with impacted communities, expansion outside of the US, and partnerships with people of color, young people and other demographics who philanthropic organizations have not historically connected with as deeply.

Emily started her career in the arts before working The Chill Foundation, Burton Snowboards’ private operating foundation. At Chill, Emily led program design and worked with several SVP nonprofit partners while expanding west coast youth development programs. Emily has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts and an MBA from Pinchot University. Emily is an alumni of the Social Justice Northwest Criminal Justice Giving Project, and is a current member of the Edge Funders Alliance Global Engagement Lab. Emily enjoys getting outside and soaking up sun, any way she can.

Phone: 206-473-0987 |  Email: emily@svpi.org