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The generosity of our Partners fuels our community impact.

SVP Investor Partners believe in the potential for transformative change in our community. They commit their money, skills and influence to make it happen, and they find they are transformed in the process. Does that sound intriguing to you? Get acquainted with SVP Portland by clicking on a member below.

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Megan Irwin, Director

Megan Irwin is an early childhood education and public policy consultant and leader with 11 years of experience leading state and local policy development initiatives. Read More »

Jennie Chandra, Board Secretary

Jennie’s professional background both as an attorney and as a mediator is relevant and meets a priority need on our Board. As a parent of biracial children, Jennie brings a personal commitment to and passion for advancing SVP’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Read More »

Vân Truong, Ed.D., Director

Vân became a Partner in 2019 and quickly engaged, co-leading planning efforts for our 2020 Partner learning series. She is also an active and regular attendee at SVP learning & social events. Read More »

Steve Fields, Director

Steve is a deeply-engaged SVP Partner with extensive board service experience. He expands our collective skill set with significant PR/marketing/communications expertise, as well as strong business acumen, senior leadership experience, and strategic thinking skills. Read More »

Bala (Sudarshan) Cadambi, Director

Bala is a deeply-engaged SVP Partner, former Encore Fellow, and Lead Partner for our early engagement with the Threads of Justice Collective, Portfolio Management Team member, and regular attendee at SVP learning and social events. Read More »

Nicole Thibodeau, Board Treasurer

A corporate financial expert, advisor, educator, and speaker, Nicole has 30 years of experience making numbers sing, dance, and rock. She has spent her career partnering with growth-minded individuals to leverage talent, financial language, and strategies for exponential growth and success. Read More »

Linda Hassan Anderson, Director

A current SVP Board member, Linda has leveraged her long standing executive leadership career in early childhood to support the development of SVP’s “Preschool for All” initiative. Linda’s career in early childhood education spans four decades including direct service, program administration, and policy advocacy. Read More »

Alex Lebow

How do you spend your days? I like most days to start with a jog, cup of tea, and hard copy of the newspaper. My [...] Read More »

Paula Little, Director

Paula joins the SVP Board of Directors through her participation in SVP’s Rising Leaders for Social Change program. As the National Vice President of Development for Stand for Children, Paula comes to the board with more than 15 years of Development leadership and contemporary perspectives on nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Read More »

Kimberly Pray

With an advanced degree in taxation and an interdisciplinary background in law, business, and non-profits, [...] Read More »

Kate Kilberg

 As an attorney with fifteen years’ experience, Kate’s practice focuses on non-profit and tax-exempt [...] Read More »

Dennis Johnson

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? Though trained as a lawyer, my profession has been tax [...] Read More »

Nicholas Diamond

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? President and Principal Broker a Real Estate Investment [...] Read More »

Cassie J. Lovett

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I have been working at United Way of the Columbia-Willamette [...] Read More »

Dani Kerrigan

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? When we moved to Portland 10 years ago, I joined Knowledge [...] Read More »

Dave Smith

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I have worked for 20 years in the semiconductor capital [...] Read More »

Cassie Buckroyd

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I am passionate about the field of public health and I run [...] Read More »

David Spurr

What is your profession?  How do you spend your days? I work in private wealth management, working with [...] Read More »

Michael Leland

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I’ve owned a local mortgage company, Mortgage Trust, Inc., [...] Read More »

Bob Tate, Director

Bob first became a Partner in 2015 after relocating to Portland and retiring from a global career in the supply chain and R&D operations of Procter & Gamble, followed by leadership of an award-winning innovation consultancy. Read More »

Terry St. Marie

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I’m a writer (TerryStarbucker.com), business consultant, [...] Read More »

Wendy Weissman

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I’ve been interested in helping leaders, teams and [...] Read More »

Michael Brand

What are your community interests?  What are you passionate about? I’m most committed to a robust nonprofit [...] Read More »

Lou Jaffe

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I am retired from a career in corporate accounting and [...] Read More »

Jess Lange

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I’m a marketing professional at McClenahan Bruer [...] Read More »

Jock Kimberley

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? Over the course of my business career, I worked for only two [...] Read More »

Sky Waters

What is your profession? I am currently a Portfolio Analytics and Reporting Associate at Fisher Investments, an [...] Read More »

Carlo Delumpa

Carlo has been a Partner with SVP since 2012. He led marketing and branding work at Peninsula Children's Learning [...] Read More »

Holly Levow

As a California licensed attorney and business woman, I used to spend my days in high technology start-up companies wearing many hats. Today, my profession is a full-time mother and I feel very blessed to have this opportunity. Now that both my children are in school, I'm gearing up for my next professional adventure. Read More »

Oscar Mayer

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? Upon reaching the age of the required minimum distribution, [...] Read More »

Ron Eiseman

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I have a finance / accounting (CPA) background.  I have [...] Read More »

Heather Paulson

What is your profession? How do you spend your days? I'm the Sr Director of Corporate Strategy and Development [...] Read More »

Kerry McClenahan, Board Chair

In January of 2019, Kerry was reelected to the Board, and as Chair, by a unanimous vote. Kerry is dedicated to helping SVP pursue not the easiest path, but the one with greatest potential, as we navigate inevitable challenges and evaluate opportunities for leveraging our resources towards securing “Preschool for All” and ensuring the long-term wellbeing of SVP Portland. Read More »

Rebecca Brown Schroeder

The fellow Partners and staff at SVP recognized potential within me to step into roles I might not otherwise have considered. As a result I have found my skills and interests expanding as well. You might say I am undergoing my own personal form of “next stage growth.” Read More »

Larry Fox, Director

Larry joined SVP in 2009 out of frustration with a purposeless retirement.  He joined the Board of Directors in 2010 and became Board Chair a year later... Read More »

Martha Soltesz

The best part about your involvement in SVP is that I am more sensitive to people's needs and their everyday challenges. By helping them in some way I feel I am contributing to their well-being. Read More »

Boyce Smith

As a Founding Partner, I am so proud of the effort we made to figure out how to do what we were trying to do. I'm more aware of the community and the issues facing many of us because of SVP. Read More »

Lester Baskin, MD

I feel with SVP there is a group of individuals with like-minded social service goals, and the teamwork to accomplish things I could not do myself. As opposed to feeling helpless, I feel more empowered to make a difference here in Portland. Read More »

Ken deLaski, Director

Ken joined out Board in 2013 not long after both he and his wife Sarah became SVP Partners. Before recently moving to Portland, Ken was co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Deltek, Inc., a large software company based in Northern Virginia. In his current, full-time career in philanthropy he... Read More »