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Sponsor An Encore Fellow

Want to demonstrate your commitment to your employees? Assist their transition to an encore career in social purpose work.

Want to demonstrate your commitment to our community while promoting your business? Sponsor an Encore Fellow to help nonprofits benefit from the expertise your retiree has developed during his or her careers.

The Fellowship program can be a tool for managing your workforce, improving your relationships with your employees, engaging with your markets, and raising your community relations profile.

  • Nominate Encore Fellow candidates from the ranks of your employees who have already or are ready to complete their midlife careers.
  • Nominate a social purpose enterprise—one where you already contribute financially or with volunteer hours or one of your customers—to host an Encore Fellow. Your sponsoring an Encore Fellow, who will increase that nonprofit’s productivity, increases the impact of your contributions. The value-to-cost ratio of a sponsored Encore Fellow can exceed a cash contribution by a factor of three or more.
  • Fund the Fellowship. Many nonprofits can benefit from the professional expertise an Encore Fellow brings to them but lack the funding to pay the Fellow’s stipend and program fee. Sponsorships range from $15,000 to $25,000.
  • Create an ambassador from your company to our community. Promote the Encore program by lending brand and marketing effort to it.

For more information, review a list of Frequently Asked Questions for potential sponsors.

Increase your company’s commitment to social responsibility.

If you’re ready to sponsor an Encore Fellow or want more information, call Linda K. Williams at 503-222-0114.

To become or host an Encore Fellow, click here.