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It’s All About the Impact of Giving

Most foundations practice the act of giving but we focus on the impact of giving. One specific impact at a time, in fact. This focus on one audacious community goal is unique in the world of philanthropy.

Early on, SVP followed a traditional approach to philanthropy. We supported various nonprofits within our region. We could point to a number of discrete successes but we didn’t see permanent change for our fellow Portlanders who most need our support.

For our mission—for our need to do lasting good—it was not good enough.

So we’ve made a change of our own.

  • We now work diligently to understand what leads to lasting, systemic change. It starts with digging into root causes, focusing relentlessly on one definable goal and going all in.
  • We find proven and promising programs and advocate for funding and policies that fuel them.
  • We put our Partners’ money, skills and influence to work alongside these programs to fuel their growth.

The results are clear: we’re able to make an impact that is visible, measurable and lasting.

Read more about What We Do and our One Audacious Goal.

SVP Portland’s Unique Approach to Venture Philanthropy

  • We make long-term investments in a focused goal.
  • We are strategic—leveraging diverse resources for collective impact.
  • We affect change that addresses root causesand ecosystems.
  • We advance equitydiversity, and inclusion.
  • We take risksby investing in transformational leaders and innovation.
  • We are metrics-driven and results-oriented.