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Advance Racial Equity

SVP Portland believes that equitable access to quality early learning experiences is essential for our community’s prosperity. Therefore, In 2017 we made a commitment to advance racial equity. We are transparent in our progress toward this commitment in order to stay accountable to our Partnership and community.

We pledge to do what it takes to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion knowing our organization’s efficacy and the shared future of our community are at stake. We expect that lasting change will not happen overnight within our Partnership nor the broader community. Our outlook is long and our commitment will last beyond the trend, beyond our current goal, and beyond discomfort or setbacks. We invite your partnership, feedback, support, and accountability, helping us work towards equitable access to opportunities for all of our children.

Our Commitments to Advance Racial Equity:

Click on a commitment below to view our goals and progress toward each commitment. Our last update was May 19, 2022.