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Mobilizing Portland’s Resources

We target the Portland region’s collective resources to support our community’s children and families.

We believe the resources for achieving a thriving, equitable community already exist in the Portland metro area. We have the good intentions and best efforts of our Investor Partners, as well as the untapped or underutilized potential of governments, nonprofits and private preschool providers. We just need to close the gap of adequate funding to fuel the culturally relevant, quality programs that help all families feel welcome and give the kids the early support they deserve.

SVP Portland plays a key role in opening a flow of support.

  • We engage and educate our Investor Partners in the work of social justice and long-term systems change. That includes our individual donors, businesses, and foundations as well as our specific Rising Leaders, SVP Youth and Encore Fellows.
  • We enable our corporate partners through a variety of services such as engaging employees in skills-based volunteering, facilitating corporate partnership/grant opportunities and matching retirees with an “encore” opportunity to serve in a social-purpose organization.
  • We help foundation partners increase their impact through boutique services like pooling grant funding for increased leverage, facilitating grant opportunities with thorough due diligence and, if desired, grants administration.
  • We expand the use of exceptional talent and pro bono resources, serve as strong advocates and connectors across sectors, and develop innovative strategies for unleashing new sources of support.
  • We mobilize and partner with other organizations and philanthropists to spread what works and attract critical resources to the goal.

By engaging with all of these players, SVP Portland forges partnerships for lasting change. We unite them as Partners for Good. Partner with us.