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We aspire to live in a community that achieves social justice by ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive.

The aim of our current “Preschool for All” (P4A) goal is to ensure all children in the Portland metro area have equitable access to high-quality early learning experiences. This is the evolution of our Ready for Kindergarten goal to ensure that all children in the Portland metro area enter kindergarten with the foundation for learning and life success*.

Getting to the roots of the P4A goal means prioritizing the children and families with the greatest disparities in educational success. These include children living in poverty, children of color, and children whose first language is not English**. Because we acknowledge the significant gaps in opportunity and resources for children of color living in poverty, we use an “equity lens” to ensure more racially equitable investments.

To achieve the P4A goal, we need to ensure access to high-quality preschool experiences for 18,000 underserved kids. So SVP partners with organizations that provide culturally relevant, quality programs that help all families feel welcome and give the kids the early education they deserve. We also partner to ensure the policymakers and funders provide fuel for these programs, not create barriers that stall their success.

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*As measured by birth to kindergarten success metrics valued by the community.

**Based on Portland State University’s 2012 research report.