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What We Do

Social Venture Partners practices venture philanthropy…

…a model that mimics venture capital investing to make social impact. Rather than investing in start-up businesses, venture philanthropists invest in nonprofit organizations and community causes.

We partner engaged citizens who invest their money, skills, and connections to make positive change with community leaders who have the solutions but require resources to increase their community impact.

Transformative Change Through Money, Time and Talent

Transformation begins when an Investor Partner ready to engage in the hard work of change joins a Community Partner with the vision and experience of the families they serve. As Partners, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder to take their vital work—for kids, for families, for schools—to the next level. Multiply that over hundreds of Partners focused on a common goal, and we achieve the community capacity to solve our most entrenched problems.

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Working together, Investor and Community Partners make a deep and lasting impact through the practice of venture philanthropy, investing in programs and collaborations that contribute to the “Preschool for All” goal. We offer two types of investments: those that build Community Partner capacity and those that amplify systems change.

To date, we have invested $2.82 million in Portland metro nonprofits and collaborations. In one investment alone we invested $171,000 over seven years and the nonprofit has returned more than $330 million to Oregon’s low-income citizens.

In addition to dollars, we invest the talent of our Investor Partners, and we engage seasoned professionals for 1,000-hour fellowships through our Encore Fellows Program. To date, our current portfolio of Community Partners has been able to leverage well over 30,000 skilled volunteer hours to help them pursue their goals.

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