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Teaching Preschool Partners

Community Partner Overview

Mission & Overview: The mission of Teaching Preschool Partners (TPP) is to strengthen quality preschool education for children from historically unserved populations through the creation of teaching preschools and professional development opportunities.

TPP brings inquiry, inspiration, and innovation to PreK-3 and Early Learning Environments.  TPP builds powerful preschool education programs for children from populations historically at risk for school failure by supporting dissemination and successful implementation of Inquiry Approaches to Learning through exploration and engagement in the arts and sciences.  

SVP Investment

TPP/SVP Partnership: In 2015–16, SVP helped TPP create a business and funding plan for the organization. In 2018, TPP & MFS approached SVP to request support for their collaboration. SVP’s investment will fund a process evaluation that will position TPP to more effectively support culturally specific and responsive and culturally specific organizations through their professional development and curricula.

For more information, visit Teaching Preschool Partners.