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Serendipity Center

Mission & Vision

Serendipity Center serves some of the most vulnerable children in our community – those managing mental illness or other behavioral disorders that interfere with learning and school participation. It is a therapeutic school that provides specialized education and treatment services to children and adolescents who lack the skills, confidence, or support to be successful learners.  Serendipity blends special education and mental health services into the school day – a unique and effective model that allows kids to thrive in their own ways.  Annually, the Center serves between 200 and 250 students, ages 6 to 21 years, and their families.

Serendipity believes, as do our Partners, that all children are capable of learning if given the right environment.

Executive Director: Belinda Marier

Initial Investment Date: December 2010

SVP Lead Partner: Paula Amato

Strengthening Serendipity Center: Sample Capacity Building Projects

In partnership with SVP volunteers, Serendipity Center tackles projects like:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Leadership coaching
  • Website overhaul
  • Fund development

Savvy at Serendipity: Creative Thinking in Action

What do a llama, a marketing whiz and a videographer all have in common? If you said they all enjoy making a scene, you would be clever but wrong. In this case, they have each shared their hearts with SVP Investee, The Serendipity Center, in a time when resources, bandwidth and community support were most desired. Read More »