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SVP International

Regional Kindergarten Readiness Network

Community Partner Overview

In the summer of 2017, fifty cross-sector partners gathered to learn from Dr. Neal Halfon of UCLA’s Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities. The group included representatives from CCOs, Early Learning Hubs, health plans, DHS, housing, funders, and community-based organizations, and had a robust conversation around School Readiness and how we might better align goals, funding and cross sector efforts for bigger impact. There was clear excitement to figure out how our community can bridge existing strategies and deep expertise in early childhood with the emerging interest in School Readiness taking root in health care systems. The conversation underlined the desire to organize a regional collaboration around School Readiness. At this meeting, a small group volunteered to come together and develop a more concrete plan to make this a reality.

SVP Investment

SVP engaged as one of six early funders for this initiative to look at kindergarten readiness efforts. SVP’s investment, along with that of other early investors, will help us determine where, how, and when major players in healthcare, alongside other sectors, can most effectively bring innovation and support to readiness efforts.