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Sarah Cohen-Doherty, Community Impact Manager

Sarah Cohen-Doherty

As Community Impact Manager, Sarah intersects her knowledge of early childhood education and experience in project management. After earning a master’s degree in teaching from Willamette University, Sarah gained firsthand experience in classroom and administrative settings. She then spent seven years as a project manager, focused on education and equity. At SVP, Sarah is energized about addressing systemic issues in the field of early learning, with a lens on the impact of our work.

Sarah has lived in Oregon for more than 20 years and currently resides in SE Portland with her husband, Brian; daughter, Maysa; cat, Slink; and dog, Clooney. She loves to travel. Her top three favorite places are Galway, Glastonbury, and Istanbul.

Sarah has always been drawn to animals. Being an only child, her dog was her best friend growing up and she could be found inventing games that only the two of them understood.


  • Volunteering with our Community Partners
  • Information on early childhood education/questions on our Access to Preschool goal
  • Joining our Portfolio Management Team or Policy/Advocacy Committee
  • Places to travel

CONTACT ME AT: sarah@svpportland.org