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Community Partner Overview

All children in our community deserve the chance to enter kindergarten with the tools they need to learn, grow, and be successful. When children have access to quality early learning experiences, their positive outcomes in school increase significantly.

A strong body of research suggests that investing in early childhood learning returns up to $10 in benefits for every dollar spent. In Multnomah County, only 15% of children from low-income families have access to publicly-funded preschool or other early learning opportunities. Leaders across our community are working together to change that.

SVP Investment

Under the leadership of Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson, the Preschool for All Task Force was convened. The Task Force brings together the political, education, neighborhood, and parent leadership needed to develop a community strategy for universal access to preschool. Beyond just addressing the narrow need for funding, the Task Force is developing strategy for the broader needs of a universal system: workforce, places and spaces, etc. The Task Force will produce a mandate and a path to guide the many players it will take to provide preschool for every child. Read more about our partnership here.