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Portland Children’s Museum


Mission: Portland Children’s Museum‘s mission is to develop innovative problem-solvers through playful learning experiences that strengthen relationships between children and their world. 

Vision: Portland Children’s Museum envisions a world where everyone retains and values the innate curiosity, creativity, and empathy of childhood. 

The Children’s Museum provides an opportunity for children to have an immersive experience in the Museum’s approach to learning through the Opal School, private preschool (ages 3–6) and public charter elementary school (grades K–5). Opal School serves as a resource for teacher-research by supporting and provoking fresh thinking about learning environments that inspire playful inquiry, creativity, imagination, and the wonder of learning in children and adults.

Through their Museum Center for Learning, they make visible the ways children think, imagine, design, invent, and create when given intelligent materials, including the tools of the arts and sciences.

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Lead Partner: Steve Maser

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