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Peninsula Children’s Learning Center

Mission & Vision

Portland children deserve equal access to quality early education despite the obstacle of rising costs. Peninsula Children’s Center is dedicated to giving children the tools they need for success regardless of family background or income.

Peninsula Children’s Center serves 160 children and their families from around the North and North East Portland area. For the people who make this program possible, quality education means involving parents as well as bringing children together into a learning environment which spans socio-economic and racially diverse backgrounds. These standards are upheld through the work of dedicated staff and volunteers, and access to the program through competitive pricing and a sliding scale tuition.

Executive Director: Ken Dale

Initial Investment Date: February 2012

Why Peninsula Children’s Center?

SVP Portland’s investment in Peninsula Children’s Center is paving the way for them to become the leading model for high quality, diverse and inclusive, independent and community-based early education in Portland. We are committed to making this possible through strategic planning, fortifying finical stability, and supporting successful expansion of the program. Our collaboration has become another bold step toward shrinking the achievement gap in Portland.

SVP Lead Partner: Barbara Francis

Relationship Highlight: As Lead Partner Barbara Francis puts it, “PCC has an impressive staff- they’re highly skilled and educated, but they needed help circling the wagons. It is true that we’ve had success increasing community visibility which has directly driven enrollment, but the greatest impact has been helping [the PCC team] establish how they can best utilize each others unique skills and strengths to work with clear & unified direction. This is where our team  is currently having the greatest impact.”

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Strengthening Peninsula Children’s Center: Sample Capacity Building Projects

In partnership with SVP volunteers, PCC tackles projects like:

  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team building