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New Avenues for Youth

Many homeless teens come from the foster care system. By reaching young adults in their foster homes before they run away, we can help prevent homelessness and the rash of problems that accompany it: drug abuse, theft, physical and sexual violence, illness, illiteracy.

With our support, New Avenues for Youth launched the Fostering Independence Project, designed to prevent teens 13 to 17 from leaving foster care before they have the supports and skills they need for successful self-reliance. With our volunteer assistance and grant money, FIP identifies, prevents and intervenes when high-risk teens are in danger of abandoning state care and heading to the streets.

Not only does our involvement help Portland area teens get into jobs and secure, stable places to live…but our support also helps turn this pilot program into something bigger. We support the vision of New Avenues for Youth to turn their FIP program into a model that communities nationwide can use to help strengthen the foster care system and create a stronger, more successfully independent generation of young adults.