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Parenting is a difficult job, and many new parents find they are ill-equipped to meet the plethora of needs and demands that a child brings.

Add to the mix a lack of positive parenting models, economic stresses, and special needs and you have a scenario that puts many children in danger of maltreatment or neglect.

A long-time leader in the Portland community for meeting family needs, Metropolitan Family Service created the “Making Parenting a Pleasure” program to help teach new parents the skills they need to play a healthy, positive role in their children’s development.

Our three-year investment (2003-2005) to stabilize and build capacity in the MPAP program is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Portland’s families.

As one mother simply declared in group one day, “I wish I had learned this earlier, why doesn’t anyone ever tell us this stuff?”

Cumulative SVPP grants: $101,200

Total Calculated Impact: $283,000

*Photos provided by Metropolitan Family Service. Copyright (from top of page) John Klicker, ’08; John Klicker, ’08; Julie Keefe, ’07.