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SVP International

Larry Fox, Interim Treasurer

Larry joined SVP in 2009 out of frustration with a purposeless retirement.  He joined the Board of Directors in 2010 and became Board Chair a year later, at the point that SVP Portland began its 10-year commitment to getting all kids in Portland ready for kindergarten. Larry has served on the Portfolio Management Team for 11 years, the former Strategy Team, and the Equity Committee. He has also been a Lead Partner three times and has served as an executive coach and leadership mentor for four Community Partners.  In 2016, Larry joined the Board of Directors for Social Venture Partners International (SVPI) and as the Vice Chair he is deeply involved in the effort to grow this global movement to its fullest potential as the largest network of engaged philanthropists in the world.

Prior to retirement, Larry was a senior Finance Controller at Intel Corporation for 27 years, where he developed a passion for and the core curriculum around advanced leadership and business partnership training.

Larry’s interests outside of being a “lifer” at SVP include the history of political economic thought, gardening, ballroom dancing, and in an effort to hold onto his glory days fighting fires, logging and building wilderness trails, and hiking and camping in the Cascades.

Larry is married to a remarkable genealogist and has two sons who he cherishes as his role models.