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Kindergarten Teacher Home Visits

Kindergarten Teacher Home Visits are the most effective ways of establishing strong school/parent relations and a successful start to kindergarten. Yet, teachers and schools were using less effective engaging Kindergarten families because they didn’t have access to the tool or funding to support their outreach.

In 2014, SVP broke through that barrier. At the start of the 2014/15 school year, seven schools conducted home visits through grants provided by SVP and Oregon Innovation Fund.  In 2015, 19 schools used the tools and funding by SVP and our collaborators. In 2016, 19 became 28 and on and on. Now the program has gained sustainable funding through the state early learning system so more schools and teachers can adopt the practice and more families and students get the welcome that they deserve.

See what parents and teachers say about the impact of Kindergarten Teacher Home Visits:


  • $ invested by SVP’s Partnership: $62,374
  • $ value of SVP volunteer talent hours: $7,200
  • $ leveraged from others by SVP: $150,856
  • Return on our cash investment: 3.4:1