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Kerry McClenahan, Board Chair

SVP Portland Board Update

Kerry became an Investor Partner in April 2010 to provide a forum for involving her kids in community service, to meet like-minded people who believe in creating a better Portland for all its citizens, and to use her skills to contribute to that effort. She quickly engaged with our communications committee, helping SVP to uncover its core brand identity elements.

Kerry also served on the committee that identified SVP’s audacious “Ready for Kindergarten” goal, where she became a passionate advocate for ensuring every child in our community arrives at kindergarten with the foundation for learning and life success. Kerry joined our Board of Directors in 2011 and later served as Board Chair from 2014 to 2017. Kerry “retired” from the Board in 2017 but continued to serve as chair of SVP’s Portfolio Management Team and as a member of our Community Impact Strategy Committee.

In January of 2019, Kerry was reelected to the Board, and as Chair, by a unanimous vote. Kerry is dedicated to helping SVP pursue not the easiest path, but the one with the greatest potential, as we navigate inevitable challenges and evaluate opportunities for leveraging our resources towards securing “Preschool for All” and ensuring the long-term wellbeing of SVP Portland.

Kerry grew up in Spokane, Washington, was educated in the field of Organizational and Mass Communications at Eastern Washington University. In her day job, Kerry is President at Publitek North America (formerly McClenahan Bruer) a technology business-to-business marketing firm she originally co-founded in 1993. Her particular areas of expertise include branding, positioning and messaging, social media strategy, lead nurturing, and global advertising program development. In her free time, Kerry enjoys cooking and discussing books and politics with her daughter, Marika; and reading and playing basketball and football with her son, Kellen.