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Jennie Chandra, Board Secretary

Jennie’s professional background both as an attorney and as a mediator is relevant and meets a priority need on our Board. As a parent of two biracial children, Jennie has a personal commitment to and passion for advancing SVP’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Jennie expands our collective skill set and brings her diverse professional and personal network, as well as a fresh perspective, as new a SVP Partner and Board member.

Jennie is an accomplished attorney with 15 years of experience in analyzing and resolving conflicts that have important consequences for organizations. She gets up to speed quickly, conducts high-quality investigations, and communicates effectively with individuals
across an organization, from those on the ground to C-Suite leaders. Jennie’s recommendations are strategic and forward looking. Her professional approach is informed by her prior work serving as an executive in a Fortune 500 company, as general counsel for a private company, and in federal and state government. Jennie’s experience is especially deep in the technology realm, where fact patterns are complicated and collaborative efforts often involve a wide variety of stakeholders. She holds three degrees from Stanford: BA, MA, and JD. She also has attained substantial professional training in mediation and facilitation methods.

Why did you join the SVP Portland Board?
“My interest in supporting SVP efforts to improve education for young children stems from my upbringing in a Kentucky farming community, where I saw how learning opportunities were critical for youth to overcome poverty that often spanned many generations. I took multiple educational policy classes in college. More recently I have helped support facilitation of foster care meetings — a volunteer experience highlighting the special importance of education to children who have experienced trauma or maltreatment.”