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Free Clinic of SW Washington

When the economy sours, companies cut health care benefits. Without health care coverage–and sometimes without adequate income–families often have no recourse but to forgo medical care altogether. Preventive care? No way. Emergency care? Can’t pay.

When the economy began to slow several years ago, Free Clinic of SW Washington found themselves overwhelmed with more demand for free medical care than they could meet.

Who takes care of the children, they asked. We answered.

With three years of support from us (2003-2005), Free Clinic of SW Washington was able to stabilize its operations, build its infrastructure and grow its services and resources exponentially.

Our impact? From 1746 children served in 2002 to 9572 in 2005–a 5.5x increase!

Cumulative SVPP grants: $111,400

Total Calculated Impact: $141,000