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Dani Kerrigan

What is your profession? How do you spend your days?
When we moved to Portland 10 years ago, I joined Knowledge Universe (now KinderCare Education), a leader in the early childhood education space. Over the past ten years, I’ve worked in client services, operations, and strategy, and have learned a tremendous amount about the impact of early childhood education. Recently, I decided it was time to direct my energy and passion to a new career. As I go through that discernment process, I am loving time with my husband and three kids (ages 3, 5, and 7), giving time to our school, volunteering, rediscovering the joys of having hobbies, traveling a bit, and spending time with people I love.

What has inspired you to be an engaged philanthropist?
Our family has been supporting several local organizations since we moved to Portland. I have much to learn in this area, but have seen a stronger impact when we are more engaged with an organization.

What do you value about Social Venture Partners?
For me, SVP provides an avenue to learn more about philanthropy. I am particularly interested in early childhood education, and SVP brings great depth in this area. I hope to make a stronger impact by learning from this group of incredible people.

What do you want to accomplish in your next decade?

  • Raise happy, thoughtful, generous children
  • Leverage my skills and talent to do good
  • Continue to learn, to grow, and to explore new paths
  • Deepen my relationship with the Portland community

Describe the most meaningful charitable gift of time or money you have made and why you made the gift.
When I was in the MBA program at Stanford, we partnered with the I Have a Dream program to mentor an entire grade at a local elementary school. I have always loved working with children, so in my first year, I spent time mentoring seven-year-old Alexis: we did homework, played on the playground, and spent time together outside of school. It was my favorite time of the week. In my second year, I shifted out of direct mentoring and co-led the after-school program. I learned a lot about working with children, leading volunteers, and the importance of parent involvement in a child’s school.