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Community Education Workers

Community Partner Overview

Mission & Overview: Community Education Workers (CEWs) are trusted community members and certified Community Health Workers who work with previously isolated families to build on their strengths and help prepare children for school using culturally appropriate strategies.

CEWs are natural leaders in their communities who help strengthen ties between families and the systems designed to support them, like schools and social services. Through culturally specific group activities and home visits parents learn about the importance of starting early to help young brains grow. They build friendships, learn from each other and, ultimately, feel more comfortable in school settings so they can be more involved in their child’s education.

SVP Investment

CEW/SVP Partnership: Empowerment-based support for families of color with young children to address health and education inequities in culturally specific ways. A community-driven initiative in which trained community member partner with parents and caregivers to remove barriers to learning that result from social and structural conditions.

With a new home at the Oregon Community Health Workers Association (ORCHWA), Community Education Workers (CEW) can focus on stabilizing and scaling their impact. Read more about our partnership here.