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Children’s Relief Nursery

Victims of child abuse or neglect often suffer delays in their physical, psychological, cognitive and behavioral development. These children may experience a lifetime of suffering from physical injuries, brain damage, chronic low self-esteem, bonding and relationship difficulties, learning disorders, and aggressive behavior.

The St. Johns area of Portland sees crisis levels of reported child abuse and neglect, threatening an entire community and an entire generation of children.

We helped a brand-new organization enter St. Johns with an intensive, therapeutic program that works to reverse developmental delays in high-risk children and to support child and family resiliency.

Our three-year investment (2001-2004) with Children’s Relief Nursery (CRN) brought much-needed resources and respite to children ages 0-3 in St. Johns.

Cumulative SVPP grants: $117,600

Total Calculated Impact: $278,100