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Child Care Improvement Project

Child Care Improvement Project

A program of Neighborhood House

Dozens of young Clackamas County children will start kindergarten already knowing the alphabet, numbers, colors and able to write their names thanks to our support of CCIP.

Children in home-based child care settings don’t always get the same type of educational preparation as children in more expensive, institutional facilities. And because home-based child care is the only affordable choice for low-income working parents, many children approach elementary school at a disadvantage.

Operated through Neighborhood House, Inc., CCIP refers parents to affordable, quality home-based child care providers. Within its network are providers that CCIP supports through skill development training, business management tools and child development resource and information.

A child’s successful school experience is affected by many things, not least of all being the quality of care in the pre-schooling years. Our investment in CCIP helped more children in Clackamas County and in the Vietnamese speaking communities of Oregon reach kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.