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(Creating Assets Savings and Hope)

Low-income working parents often have to commute more than an hour by bus, put their children in sub-standard care, and show up when sick in order to keep their jobs and provide for their families. And because household income higher than $22,000 a year for a family of four is “too much” to qualify for many types of assistance, the federal government created the Earned Income Tax Credit to boost the take-home pay of our nation’s working poor.

Yet each year, millions of dollars in tax credits designated for low and moderate-income working families in the Portland area go unclaimed.

In 2005 we helped launch CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Oregon, an organization dedicated to getting this money back into the pockets of the working families who need it. Over seven years we contributed $170,000 and countless hours of expertise to CASH Oregon. This helped return more than $168 million and generate an economic return of more than $302 million for the Portland-area community in those seven years.  That kind of benefit means we got a 1765% return on our grant investment in CASH Oregon.

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