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SVP International

Boyce Smith

Partner since 2001

Profession: Retired from Intel as an engineer and manager of production processes and operations, product development, supplier management, and material quality

For fun: Golfing and working in the yard

Your favorite spot to relax in Oregon: Again, the golf course.

The best part about your involvement in SVPP: As a Founding Partner, I am so proud of the effort we made to figure out how to do what we were trying to do.

Your most memorable experience in ‘giving back’: I was helping an investee make expense reductions by consolidating the supplier base and bidding the business for their highest expense line item. A few times, my Investee contact would say: “Can we do that?!” My answer was always, “Of course we can ask, they can always say no.” It was fun to see the light turn on as they thought about other areas where they could use this new skill.

How SVP has changed you: I’m more aware of the community and the issues facing many of us.