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SVP International

Bob Tate, President

Originally from Canada, Bob first became a Partner in 2015 after relocating to Portland and retiring from a global career in the supply chain and R&D operations of Procter & Gamble, followed by leadership of an award-winning innovation consultancy.  He worked closely with SVP Community Partner Latino Network in its development of a business plan to scale its signature Juntos Aprendemos program, now expanding in Central Oregon.  He now serves as a Board Director with Latino Network, and previously served as a Director of Mental Health America in SW Ohio, and as a Disaster Relief Volunteer with American/International Red Cross assignments on US Gulf Coast, Tennessee and Southeast Asia.

Bob is married to Ann-Marie, a retired financial analyst, with a daughter, Catherine, working as a health care policy analyst in Massachusetts.  In our leisure time, we enjoy travel, hiking, gardening and cooking.

Why did you join the SVP Portland Board?

In today’s difficult financial, political and social environment, SVP has an ever more important role to catalyze and advocate for lasting and structural change, and to mobilize change agents across the community to bring them to life.  And, never before has the community that SVP serves faced such an unprecedented array of challenges, inequity and social injustice.   Bob hopes to use the intersection of his disruptive innovation and global experience to support SVP and its Community Partners in testing and expanding new philanthropic models for broader and faster community leverage.