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Black Parent Initiative

Community Partner Overview

Mission & Overview: The Black Parent Initiative (BPI) was established in 2006 to help families achieve financial, educational and spiritual success. BPI was founded and organized on  a large body of educational research that demonstrates the importance of parental and family engagement in attaining educational success for children.

BPI’s unique approach is to improve the lives of Portland’s Black and multi-ethnic children by focusing on optimal health, cultural identity development, parent education, and ensuring parents and caregivers have the resources to ensure children succeed. We provide a range of services including parent coaching, parent training, and education.

SVP Investment

Lead Partners: Val Ilsley and Larry Fox

BPI/SVP Partnership: The Black Parent Initiative (BPI) educates & mobilizes caregivers of Black children to ensure they achieve success, with early childhood focus on pre-pregnancy through the first 1000 days.

Our investment is focused on building the overall capacity of this growing nonprofit, with the goal to strengthen & expand early childhood programs as well as position BPI for significantly increased systems-level influence.

For more information, visit The Black Parent Initiative.