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SVP International

Bala (Sudarshan) Cadambi, Director

Bala is a deeply-engaged SVP Partner, former Encore Fellow, and Lead Partner for our early engagement with the Threads of Justice Collective, Portfolio Management Team member, and regular attendee at SVP learning and social events. His commitment to and passion for advancing SVP’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work expands our collective skill set to partner with cultural humility. Bala also has expertise in board governance, strategic planning, and early childhood learning.

Bala has a personal and professional interest in sustainability with an emphasis on preserving the environment and enhancing social equity. His career background is in technology portfolio development, system architecture, protocols for standardization, and frameworks for collaboration. Bala was recognized as the co-inventor of USB technology. He received his B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and his MS in Computer Engineering from UT Austin.

Why did you join the SVP Portland Board?

“Early development is foundational both for the child and for society, yet inequitably resourced. My interest in serving on the SVP board is twofold: to further public initiatives to close community access inequities and to aid Investor Partner journeys to self-calibrate on our privilege.”