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Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education (AEME)

AEME Preschool Program & History

AEME was created to provide a stable home for the Alder Montessori School, a preschool operating successfully at Alder Elementary School in the Reynolds School District for the past five years. The initial host, Montessori Northwest, which trains Montessori teachers, decided that hosting the school was not central to its mission. The second host, the Lewis and Clark Charter School, decided to go in a different direction. The co-founders of Alder Montessori, one of whom was Greater Than, wanted to assure the continuation of a program that provides high-quality, low/no-cost, early childhood education to diverse families in an under-resourced neighborhood. With AEME in place as host, the founders realized that they had a model they might replicate and scale.

Vision for Growth

Unique in the nation with its intention to achieve social justice, equity, and educational goals by partnering with public elementary schools as a Montessori provider, AEME wants to locate in 3-5 additional public elementary schools. The public school provides space, transportation, nutrition, behavioral support access, and hopefully additional funding or dedicated education staff members. AEME helps to write grants to fund startup and ongoing operational costs; recruits, orients, and supports the education team of teachers and assistants,;provides the curriculum for preschool through kindergarten; and operates the Montessori school in full partnership with the elementary school principal & admin team, and in collaboration with the district.

Partnership Overview

Our partnership with the Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education (AEME) will include a $15k general operating grant and Partner time. AEME appreciates SVP’s general operating grant (rather than restricted) so that it can use the financial resources to invest in key aspects of running the organization well, such as DEI training, fundraising & grant writing, and staffing for community/parent engagement. Partners will work with AEME to achieve its vision by assisting with developing a strategy timeline, board governance, business model & financing, operational policies, and marketing.