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Adelante Mujeres

Mission & Vision

Immigrant families contain leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Someone needs to cultivate that potential.

Adelante Mujeres has been helping such families to flourish for the past nine years and the Portland community is reaping the benefits. Through education, empowerment, and enriching connections Adelante Mujeres puts the tools for change in the hands of latina women and their families. Participants in the program share rich histories of perseverance and have come together to improve their lives and strengthen their communities.

Adelante Mujeres provides education in GED preparation, English Second Language proficiency, leadership development, and pre-school for participant’s children. Participants also connect with one another through cultural celebrations and they strengthen their sense of enterprise by participating in sustainable agriculture and the Forest Grove Farmer’s Market. The word ‘adelante’ means to rise, progress forward, and flourish. This is a word which succinctly captures the wealth of opportunity provided by this organization.

Executive DirectorBridget Cooke

Initial Investment Date: December 2011

Why Invest?

Through collaboration with SVP, Adelante Mujeres will gain long term sustainability and extend its reach, thus helping more families to thrive where hopelessness and isolation may once have been allowed to endure.

SVP Lead Partner: LeRoy Fiegelson

Relationship Highlight:

“Working with Adelante Mujeres continues to be both invigorating and humbling, as I see the positive impact they have on the lives of many people in their community.” -LeRoy Fiegelson, April 2013

Strengthening Adelante Mujeres: Sample Capacity Building Projects

In partnership with SVP volunteers, Adelante Mujeres tackles projects like:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Development planning & fund development