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Pursue a role as a Lead Partner

The Lead Partner plays a key role in Social Venture Partners’ venture philanthropy partnerships. The Lead is the primary liaison between a Community Partner and the SVP partnership, and is pivotal to developing an effective, collaborative relationship and an impactful investment. The primary responsibility of the Lead is to work closely with the Community Partner and SVP to:

  1. Establish, drive and monitor progress towards partnership vision for capacity-building goals, short-term milestones & ready for kindergarten outcomes;
  2. Build and maintain a positive working relationship with the Community Partner through frequent, candid conversation around progress, successes and challenges;
  3. Be a critical friend: Ask the hard questions; advocate for audacious thinking and creative solutions; collaboratively address challenges; celebrate milestones & document impact.
  4. Communicate Community Partner’s needs to SVP staff, coordinate Partner engagement, and facilitate connections between Community Partner and Investor Partners, other members of the community and our network of funders.

Skills Needed

    • Desire to partner deeply with the Community Partner & to catalyze transformation through the investment of SVP’s resources (time, expertise, network and grant)
    • Exceptional interpersonal & collaboration skills
    • Strong listening and communication skills
    • Strong organization, time management & planning skills (e.g., project management, goal setting, etc.)
    • Willingness to ask hard questions and confront challenges, with support of Strategic Advisors and SVP staff
    • Discipline, follow-through & accountability (to SVP & Community Partner)
    • Ability to adapt plans based on successes, challenges and lessons learned
    • Humility, an open mind, and a desire to learn from nonprofit partner

If you are interested in pursuing a role as a Lead Partner, let us know. We look for new Lead Partners as we plan each new Investment. For more information, email Matt Little at matt@svpportland.org